Back to Iraq and the plan to attack
A little somethin' some say Dubya
   hatched way back
In '99 when things were fine, our biggest
   worry was a stain,
Once a scandal now it's called the
   well-dressed salad days

Of the bubble when our trouble much
   resembled titillation
When we naively thought cigars were
   just for inhalation
Now we're scared, maybe prepared, who
   knows what to do?
No one, really, so we follow Double U.

–Chap. 8, "The Road To Baghdad"

Table of Contents

  1. First Hunnerd Days
  2. The Test
  3. The Scandal of N. Ron
  4. Let's Roll!
  5. Back at The Ranch...
  6. 2002--A Very Good Year
  7. 2003
  8. Road To Baghdad
  9. Mission Accomplished
  10. Loosening up
  11. Kalifornia
  12. Say Ahhhh....
  13. Political Season
  14. Early Returns
  15. Adbul Grub
  16. The Debates
  17. 'Lection Day
  18. Political Capital
  19. Autopilot
  20. Summer of Flood

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