Dubya loves beef and is not too proud to admit it. Whether he's workin' to open up the cattle trade or remembering a tasty meal of foreign origin, George Bush has plenty to say about America's favorite meat.

May 3, 2003, Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Howard of Australia, The Bush Ranch, Crawford, Texas
"We had a pretty good dinner last night -- a little beef."

October 14, 2003, Interview of the President by Taro Kimura, Fuji TV The Library
Q: Lastly, I remember you've enjoyed yakitori when you were in Tokyo, the barbecued chicken.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I did. (Laughter.)

Q And I wonder whether you will bear tasting sushi this time. I know you're not really particularly in favor of the raw fish.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I'm a beef man. You know I like good beef. Japan's got some of the greatest beef in the world. And -- but I'm also, hopefully, a good enough guest not to demand a particular menu from my host. The Prime Minister and I have eaten a lot of meals together. And I'm confident that he will put together a good meal for both the First Lady, Laura and me. And I really am looking forward to seeing him. He is -- he is a great friend. He is an interesting man. I really enjoyed being around him. You know, one of the -- he came to my ranch.

February 23, 2004, Remarks by the President to the National Governors Association, State Dining Room
"I had a dinner with Koizumi -- Prime Minister Koizumi in Tokyo. And we were eating Kobe beef, which is quite good, I might add.

March 30, 2004, Remarks by the President on the Economy, Fox Cities Performing Art Center, Appleton, Wisconsin
"I was having a kobe beef with Prime Minister Koizumi from Japan."

April 26, 2004, Remarks by the President at American Association of Community Colleges Annual Convention, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I shared a story the other day during a press conference where I talked about a dinner I had with Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan. And we're eating Kobe beef. I don't know whether it's grown here in Minnesota or not, but it's real good."

April 30, 2004, Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Martin of Canada in a Press Availability, The Rose Garden
Q: Mr. President, you're a rancher. Is there any hope -- what hope can you offer your fellow ranchers in Canada about when the border might be open to live Canadian cattle?

PRESIDENT BUSH: As soon as possible. My administration is committed to a policy of free trade when it comes to beef. And we had a discussion about that today with -- that subject today, with our respective agricultural ministers -- or secretaries, as we call them here. And I assured the Prime Minister, I want to get this solution -- this issue solved as quickly as possible. And it's in our nations' interests that live beef be moving back and forth.

May 4, 2004, Remarks by the President at Pancake Breakfast, Lucas County, Ohio Recreation Center Maumee, Ohio
"I love to tell the story about my dinner with Prime Minister Koizumi. He's the Prime Minister of Japan. And Laura and I were visiting him in Tokyo. And we were having Kobe beef, by the way."

August 5, 2004, Remarks by the President in "ask President Bush" Event, Aladdin Shrine Center, Columbus, Ohio
"So I'm having Kobe beef one night with Prime Minister Koizumi. He's the Prime Minister of Japan and a good friend of mine. We're talking about how to keep the peace. We're talking about how to deal with Mr. Kim Jong-il of North Korea -- people are starving, by the way, and who wants to try to blackmail the free world with a nuclear weapon."

August 9, 2004, Remarks by the President in "ask President Bush" Event, Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Virginia
"I tell this story a lot; I'll share it with you, about my friend, Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan. And we were having Kobe beef one day and -- it's quite good, I might add, and -- (laughter.)"

August 30, 2004, Remarks by the President at "ask President Bush" Event, Nashua High School North, Nashua, New Hampshire
"I proudly ate some Alberta beef last night and -- (laughter) -- I'm still standing." (Laughter and applause.)

February 3, 2005, President Participates in Social Security Conversation in North Dakota, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota
"Guess what we spent a lot of time talking about -- with the Senator -- both Senators and the Congressman and the Governor. We spent time talking about beef." (Applause.)
"We want our beef going all over the world. There's great beef here in America, and people ought to be eating it -- a lot of them." (Applause.)

February 3, 2005, Remarks by the President in a Conversation on Strengthening Social Security, Montana ExpoPark, Great Falls, Montana
"You know, we're flying over on Air Force One, and guess all -- guess what Burns and Rehberg -- all they wanted to talk about was cattle. (Laughter and applause.) Montana beef." (Applause.)

February 4, 2005, Remarks by the President in a Conversation on Strengthening Social Security, Qwest Center Omaha Arena, Omaha, Nebraska
MR. REMPE: I work for Omaha Steaks, so we presented the President with Omaha steaks today. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: They know something about beef in this state, isn't that right?

MR. REMPE: We know a little bit here.

THE PRESIDENT: About beef. That's good thing about Johanns [new Sec. of Agriculture]. He knows something about beef, too.

November 8, 2005, Interview of the President by NHK Television, Japan, The Map Room
"I'm more than willing to eat U.S. beef, and do -- eat a lot of it."

November 16, 2005, President Discusses Freedom and Democracy in Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto Kaikan
"We also talked about beef. And the Prime Minister and his government has taken a study on the issue, and has confirmed that U.S. beef would be safe."

November 20, 2005, President's Remarks to the Travel Pool in China, St. Regis Hotel, Beijing, People's Republic of China
"We expect our people to be treated fairly here in this important country. And so I had a chance to talk about a variety of subjects -- intellectual property rights and the currency, access to our markets for U.S. beef."

"This is a -- China is a big presence in Asia. And it's very vital for the United States to have a relationship where I can sit down and say, look, the trade -- the trade policy must take into consideration your currency, must take into consideration our desire to sell you beef, must take into consideration intellectual property rights. And I can do that in such a way that he doesn't say, I'm tired of listening to you. It's a -- it's an important relationship."

January 23, 2006
President Discusses Global War on Terror at Kansas State University Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
"Look, if you're a cattle raiser in Kansas, you want to be able to sell your product in Japan or South Korea or China. I mean, people want the beef."

June 29, 2006
President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Exchange Toasts State Dining Room
"I want to thank you for opening your markets to U.S. beef. I think the Japanese people are going to like the taste of U.S. beef. As a matter of fact, I had a good slice of beef last night, and you told me you did, as well, and you look like you're feeling pretty good." (Laughter.)

March 10, 2007
President Bush and President Vázquez of Uruguay Participate in Joint Press Availability, Visitors Center Anchorena Park, Uruguay
"And so I've been -- I'm really looking forward to this trip. I'm especially looking forward to the asado. I appreciate the -- I appreciate your willingness to cook some Uruguayan beef."