President Trump Twitter Feed Highlights, Q2 2017

trump tweets that psycho joe and mika came to mar a lago, facelift trump tweets about passing bills nice trump tweets that obama care is dead and we build the wall trump wonders why obama did nothing about russia trump tweets about obamacare victims trump tweets that the london mayor is pathetic trump tweets that we are extreme vetting Trump tweets that they used knives and a truck trump tweets covfefe Trump tweets that media disparage his social media to hide real story trump changes twitter profile pic to himself at wailing wall Trump tweets that's what he likes to do Trump tweets that he's the victim of a witch hunt Trump tweets about the Fake Media, Comey, and canceling press briefings trump tweets tax product big Trump tweets about Australian health care and working from home Trump tweets that we need shutdown to fix mess Trump tweets about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War Trump tweets that North Korea disrespected China - Bad! trump tweets about the democrats trump tweets about the fake media and the walltrump tweets that the french election is interesting trump tweets that eventually mexico will pay for wall trump tweets media will kill trump tweets about north korea, china and the military trump tweets china will take care of north korea usa trump tweets that gorsuch will be great and that runways easy to repair trump tweets that leaking is the story, obamacare gop love